The IHT Wealth Management Goal-Centered Process

Finding the purpose behind your plans is as important as growing and protecting your wealth. It’s what makes our recommendations and client relationships flourish in any market condition. Unless a financial plan considers your needs as a whole, it doesn’t have an opportunity for real success.

Our comprehensive planning process encompasses the following steps:

DISCOVERY: We gather information on your current assets, investment history, insurance, long-term financial goals and risk tolerance.

GUIDANCE: We analyze the information from the discovery process and use it to create recommendations that align with your future needs and goals.

IMPLEMENTATION: After you choose the direction that meets your objectives, we stay connected and monitor your entire plan to keep it on track, making adjustments as needed.

ONGOING COMMUNICATION AND REVIEW: Working together, we keep your financial plan up-to-date and relevant based on changes in your needs and objectives, as well as market conditions and forecasts. We meet with you on a regular basis for formal plan reviews and encourage you to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. Life is dynamic, not static, and your financial plan should be too.

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