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Why should you consider making the switch to IHT?

“It’s not an easy choice, but it is an obvious one”.  

IHT is a firm built by financial advisors, for financial advisors. Our ultimate responsibility is with our clients, not shareholders and corporate executives worried only about their bottom line. Our model creates a newfound sense of freedom that both investors and experienced financial advisors want and deserve.

Each advisor truly owns their own practice while also taking advantage of economies of scale by affiliating under one national brand.

Our goal is to provide you with numerous value-added services that enhance your ability to better serve your clients. We do this by giving our advisors access to state-of-the-art resources and payouts that only a B/D as large as LPL can offer, while maintaining the look and feel of a boutique firm.

What most advisors don’t realize is that operating a business can deplete their most precious resource – time.  Wouldn’t you rather focus on what you enjoy doing everyday – serving your clients with passion and excellence while growing your business?

Whether you are a one-man shop or a 100-person operation, certain fixed costs are needed: website, technology, marketing, legal and compliance. By partnering with us, we mitigate those costs to help increase your bottom line.

IHT provides all the operating resources to assist your business to be more successful than ever. IHT offers unsurpassed collaboration by allowing you to provide exceptional service to your clients while we focus on providing your business with efficient and highly productive operational expertise.

If you are asking yourself , “If I switch, how will this impact my income?”   This is a very fair question most people ask themselves.

Let’s look at a real life example.

If you are are:

Production (Trailing 12 months):  A $1,000,000 producer

Current Pay Grid:  40%

Small Household Reduction (Assuming 5-10% on average):   7.5%

Percent of Book That Transitions (80-85% average):  80%

Pre Payout Adjustment:  110%

Using these figures, if you to transition to IHT at your new 60% pay grid,  your additional Pay with True Pre Payout Adjustments is an ADDITIONAL $158,000.


(These are average figures, across the board, for a million dollar producer.  Use the calculator below to find your exact income comparison.)

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