Managed Model Portfolios

Managed Models are designed to give you more time to do what you do best; work with your clients. We take the stress of managing a portfolio off of your hands and help you hit your compliance and regulatory mandates.

We include quarterly trades and annual rebalancing, constant monitoring, a defined selection process, notes and documentation, compliant fund selection, appropriate benchmarking, and collateral pieces. Ultimately, we make it easy for the advisor to focus on the client relationship instead of on whether they’re a percentage point too exposed.

  • Monitoring & Trading: quarterly trades, annual rebalances, and trades during times of market volatility if necessary
  • Compliant Portfolios:every fund we use will be properly vetted as per the IHT Investment Policy Statement, plus we’ll ensure no hidden 12b-1 fees.
  • Defined Model Parameters: you’ll always know exactly what the model is supposed to do and where we can go, with plenty of models to choose from
  • Audit Ready Notes: every position is in the portfolio for a reason, with supporting notes and rationale
  • Clear Risk Management: match your clients with the appropriate model so you know they’re getting quality treatment
  • Appropriate Benchmarking: portfolio comparisons to benchmarks that appropriately represent your client’s needs
  • Performance Reporting: quarterly updates, monthly performance numbers, a web portal, and more
  • Email Enrollment: enroll an account with a simple email


  • Flat Fee:5bps for the account, measured and billed quarterly
  • Ticket Charges:responsibility of the rep or the client, as per SWM account type*




*Note, we will actively seek to reduce ticket charge costs wherever possible and to minimize trades unless it’s in a specific

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