Daniel MacLean

Daniel MacLean, CFP®
Senior Vice President
502 S Freemont Ave, #1213, Tampa, FL 33606

Daniel was first introduced to stocks in middle school. His eighth grade history teacher, Dr. Lee, did not receive the shipment of books to start the class’s curriculum and to fill the time with something productive he had the students create a portfolio of ten stocks. From that assignment Daniel was hooked and knew it was a career path he wanted to pursue. As an adult he realized working on the human side of the business is for him. This led him to become a Financial Advisor, pursue his Certified Financial Planning Designation, and become a level II candidate for the Certified Financial Analyst Designation. He has over a thirteen years of advisor experience and became a Vice President at Morgan Stanley before following the path as an Independent Financial Advisor.

“…Seeing children go to college, people live out their retirement dreams, assets staying with the family from wealth I assisted in growing, managing, and protecting keeps me driven to work harder and more for clients.”

Beyond Financial Planning Daniel is family oriented and spends his free time being physically active and golfing. He often finds himself in charity physical challenges or scrambles. He also makes it a point to go on one adventurous domestic or international trip a year. He has risen to the Third Degree of Masonry as a Master Mason and is an active participant in Egypt Shrine and a Colonel of the honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. At the Shrine he is currently the President of the Midget Motors. Yes, he is one of those guys who wears a Fez and drives a tiny car in Holiday Parades.

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