Christopher Stein

Christopher Stein

I started working as a Financial Advisor in 1986.  My passion then and now is to help my clients pursue their financial and life goals.  Our firm is dedicated to guiding each and every client through the process of pursuing financial independence, so they can focus on the most important things in their life.

HOW I DO IT: By taking the time to get to know each client and what is truly important to them.  By caring, and becoming a long term trusted advisor.  I design a personalized program for each client to help them pursue their goals and dreams while helping them address their greatest concerns.  I monitor their progress and help them make adjustments along the way to help them stay on track.

MY BACKGROUND: I received my BBA in Business from The University of Iowa.  I worked as an accountant for four years before deciding to pursue my passion as a Financial Advisor.  I gained valuable experience and knowledge as an advisor with McCarthy and Associates then CMP Financial Services before starting my own firm.  I have over thirty years of experience as an advisor with over twenty years running my own business.

AWAY FROM WORK: Im a sports junkie.  I enjoy all the Chicago teams (when theyre winning) and my Alma Mater the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Im a bit of a workout warrior, but I make up for that with my passion for good food and dining out.  My wife Sarah and I also enjoy travel, movies, biking and boating.

READY TO TALK: Contact me to discuss how I can help you pursue your financial and life goals.