Gregory D. “Ike” Eicher

Gregory D. "Ike" Eicher

Ike joins IHT Wealth Management continuing to serve his clients with over 25 years experience in Financial Services. He considers himself very fortunate to serve as a trusted partner and resource for his clients that come from all walks of life. He specializes in what he calls visual-interactive planning that helps his clients understand- and see- how their wealth could be best deployed to work for them.

Ike’s key areas of proficiency are asset allocation and diversification management, pre-retirement counseling and planning, IRA consolidations and distribution strategies, long-term care and insurance services, and wealth transfer planning. He specializes in breaking down complex topics and creating actionable items to help his clients pursue their goals and dreams. He has consistently delivered thoughtful research and plan structures that enable him to remain a trusted partner and resource for his clients and their families through their life journey.

He is passionate about building strong relationships with his clients, and relating military and economic history to our lives today. He believes to understand where we’re going, we have to understand where we’ve come from.


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