Peter M. Hass

Peter M. Hass

Our multi-generational clients look to us to be their trusted financial advisors, helping them make wise decisions. They benefit from a team approach which reflects years of experience and several different specialties. Clients can expect us to build long-term relationships that engender trust and confidence by acting in their best interests and providing financial advice and solutions tailored to their needs, wants, and wishes. Our clients often tell us that they value our regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year and our responsiveness to their inquiries and communications. When asked, ‘who is our ideal client’, we unequivocally state that it isn’t about the account size but the person’s commitment to engaging with us in their financial journey.

Our Team:

  • Alona W. Anspach, CFP™, CDFA®, ChSNC™
  • Jay N. Warren, RICP®, MBA*
  • Peter M. Hass, CFP™*
  • David R. Smith, CFP™*
  • Sherri Padnos, Business Manager

*Please see their personalized IHT web pages.

With more than 3 decades of experience in the financial services industry, Peter is passionate about the financial markets and investing.  To maximize his clients’ long-term financial health, financial legacy and retirement savings, he follows the disciplines practiced by investors like Warren Buffett.  Peter believes sound investment returns are derived from buying and holding companies with a strong balance sheet and solid history of revenue, earnings and dividend growth over time.  He is equally passionate about bringing his clients the best possible advice and council, and to that end, he educates clients about their investments and how they will help them pursue their goals.

Peter earned a B.A. Degree in Management and Economics from Albion Collage in Albion Michigan.