Tim Feldheim

Tim Feldheim

Our multi-generational clients look to us to be their trusted financial advisors, helping them make wise decisions. They benefit from a team approach which reflects years of experience and several different specialties. Clients can expect us to build long-term relationships that engender trust and confidence by acting in their best interests and providing financial advice and solutions tailored to their needs, wants, and wishes. Our clients often tell us that they value our regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year and our responsiveness to their inquiries and communications. When asked, ‘who is our ideal client’, we unequivocally state that it isn’t about the account size but the person’s commitment to engaging with us in their financial journey.

Our Team:

  • Alona W. Anspach, CFP™, CDFA®, ChSNC™
  • Jay N. Warren, RICP®, MBA*
  • Peter M. Hass, CFP™*
  • David R. Smith, CFP™*
  • Sherri Padnos, Business Manager

*Please see their personalized IHT web pages.

Timothy Feldheim believes that helping clients pursue their financial goals can be achieved by listening passionately to help them prioritize their needs and aspirations, and then implementing a comprehensive wealth management strategy comprised of financial planning and customized portfolio management.

As a financial advisor at IHT Wealth Management Tim serves a select group of individuals and families by providing valuable advice and counsel that brings them financial confidence. Whether the outcome is building wealth, deriving income during retirement or preserving or passing along a legacy. Tim is committed to helping clients navigate these challenges to make financial independence a reality.

With 42 years of industry experience, he has experienced both challenging and rewarding market cycles and offers clients a seasoned perspective that empowers them to pursue their goals. Prior to becoming a financial advisor in 2004, he spent 22 years on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade operating a successful commodities brokerage firm.

When Tim is not working with clients, he spends time with his family, including his wife Katie and his six children. He also spends time coaching high school football at Loyola Academy and enjoys a wide variety of sports including, golf, biking, swimming and staying active through general fitness. Tim volunteers his time at Elyssas Mission, a foundation based on suicide prevention among young at-risk students, and has previously served on their board.