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Socially Responsible Investing or SRI has come to be defined as any investment strategy that seeks to maximize financial return while simultaneously advancing an idea, belief, or cause that is important to the individual investor (You) , with the hope of changing the world for the better.  What is ESG and what does it stand for?  ESG stands for Environmental,  Social, and Governance.   These are the criteria from which a set of standards is created to allow for socially conscious and sustainable investors to screen investments.


A company must consider its contributions to broad environmental factors such as climate change, energy use, pollution, wasting materials, damage to forests, and harms to wildlife and their habitats.


SRI investors want to know how well companies are treating their employees and customers by noting their concern for the health and safety of their workers and the community at large.  Social criteria are used as a way for investors to evaluate a company’s stance on human rights and political matters. Additionally, social criteria can serve as a screen for stocks based on moral or religious motivations.


Relates to topics concerning business ethics, board structure, and independence, executive compensation policies, and accounting practices.  Within this area, investors want to see companies that support the diversity of leadership by encouraging greater representation of women and minorities on governing boards and in executive-level positions, as well as companies managed in ethically responsible manners.   Ultimately, it is consumers that drive the economy and markets.    Do your investments align with your values?  Is your Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, investment account or 401k invested in a Socially Responsible manner?   Contact us today to have one of our Chartered SRI Counselors develop an SRI strategy that works for you.

Align Your Values With Your Investments

Align your Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Investment Accounts, and 401k with your Values. Socially Responsible Investing is an investment strategy that seeks to maximize financial return while simultaneously advancing an idea, belief, or cause that is Important to the Individual Investor (You).

Grow Your Investments With Your Values In Mind

In the past it was thought that Investors were sacrificing returns when they used SRI Investments.  The data shows there is no financial trade off with using SRI Investments and they can demonstrate lower downside risk.


The CSRIC™ program provides financial advisors and investment professionals with foundational knowledge of the history, definitions, trends, portfolio construction principles, fiduciary responsibilities, and best practices for sustainable, responsible, and impact (SRI) investments.

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Consider this – As of year-end 2020, more than one out of every four dollars under professional management in the United States—$17.1 trillion or more—was invested according to sustainable investing strategies.

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