Insurance Planning and Risk Management

As a natural part of life, there are many risks that threaten your well-being and financial security no matter how hard you’ve worked. Nobody wants to think about death, disability, or other potential hardships when they’re doing a financial plan, but for us it’s an essential part of every client relationship. Assessing and managing the risk associated with unexpected events is crucial for us to ensure that our clients and their loved ones can live the lifestyles they want, even if the unexpected happens.

Market Risk: We have been through market cycles and can help you understand how what’s happening in the world could impact your portfolio over the short, medium, and long terms. Investing can be difficult and it’s easy to feel emotional with your investments, even though sometimes emotions can lead to poor decision making. We are here to help our clients manage market exposure, enjoy the good times, and handle the downturns.

Life Insurance: Perhaps the most unpleasant of client discussions, life insurance is an important component of financial planning. We can help you ensure you have enough insurance coverage to care for your loved ones should an unexpected tragedy occur. While it’s not everyone needs the services, and everyone’s needs differ, it’s an important factor we consider to make sure your loved ones are taken care of.

Long Term Care: A relatively new product in the financial world, Long Term Care plans are being developed to cater to an emerging set of needs. More and more people are living longer and longer, and many of them with medical complications that require a higher level of medical attention. These complications can be costly and can come out of pocket if you’re not prepared. We certainly can’t assess your personal health, but can definitely help you become financially prepared to deal with the potential costs associated with long term medical care.

Divorce: If you’re planning on getting married, we can work with your lawyers to make sure you’re protected if things don’t work out. Furthermore, if you’re already married but considering a divorce, we can work with your lawyers to make sure your assets separate smoothly while ensuring your dependents continue to get the financial support they need.

Death: We are committed to building portfolios and plans that can not only take care of you throughout your life, but are structured to pass seamlessly to your heirs and beneficiaries. Our investment strategies can be set up to work not only for you, but for your generations to come. Advisors with IHT have access to Estate Planning professionals and ready to help you get your affairs organized so that your spouse and your children are will be provided for.

College: Educational costs are rising and education has never been more important. If you have kids or are planning on going back to college yourself, then you need to discuss how you’re going to finance it. We not only have the tools, but also the discipline and the foresight to guide you towards funding that education and ensuring your children have a leg up on the competition.

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