Retirement Planning

We are prepared with the tools, advice, and diverse services to help you prepare for retirement, no matter what your circumstances are. We offer more than current market investment advice; we’re thinking about more than the next year or two. Rather, we’re focused on helping you live your life on your financial terms, whether you’re building your family, advancing your career, preparing for retirement, or helping your children prepare for their futures.

Items for consideration when we sit down with our clients to discuss retirement are:

  • Financial Planning: Where are your priorities, what are you saving for now, and could you be saving more for retirement?
  • Cost of Retirement: Where will you retire, and how much will it cost? Will your expenses increase or decrease as your lifestyle evolves?
  • Timing of Retirement: When will you retire? Can you retire early, or do you need to work a few more years?
  • Income and Distributions: Where will you draw money from, when should you tap into your IRAs or your savings accounts?

Getting to Retirement:

Retirement planning is complex because getting to retirement isn’t easy. It takes discipline to save every year for something that could be years or even decades away. Deciding whether you should be paying down the house, putting money away college, paying off the credit cards, saving for retirement, or taking that vacation you skipped last year can be agonizing and confusing, but fortunately, we’re here to help.

Our advisors will guide you through

  • Balancing Risk with Age
  • Prioritizing retirement without sacrificing the present
  • Timing your retirement
  • Putting money aside for college, your home, helping aging parents, and more

Retirement Spending:

You’ve made it to retirement and you have some money put aside – but how much is okay to spend? Figuring out your income and expenses with complicating factors such as Social Security, pensions, part time work, and investments all in the mix can be difficult, as can figuring out the complex rules and requirements associated with your required distributions and rising healthcare costs. With years of experience on our side, we’ll walk you through strategies for spending your money, generating income in retirement, and living comfortably without running out of money!

With IHT you can be confident we’ll be considering

  • Social Security Benefits
  • Generating Sustainable Income
  • Generating Risk Adjusted Returns
  • The Potential Costs of Long Term Care
  • Your Beneficiaries and Inheritance Plans
  • Your Required IRA Distributions
  • Your Savings Accounts and Liquid Cash

Your Pensions, Annuities, and Other Income Streams

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