Andrew Tipton

Andrew Tipton
Financial Advisor
101 N. Main St. El Dorado, KS 67042

Andrew learned the value of hometown service growing up in El Dorado and embodies that understanding through the service he provides clients. After realizing the confidence that can be achieved through proper planning, he decided that a career in the financial planning industry would be the best way he could give back to those around him. Andrew made this realization at the age of seventeen and subsequently spent the next summer as an intern for our firm. His resilience, devotion, and fine attention to detail has made him an excellent fit on our team. Andrew earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Wichita State University and continues to expand the quality of our practice through education and experience.

While most of Andrew’s time is devoted to work, he does his best to spend his time outside of the office in meaningful and enjoyable ways. Andrew is a volunteer board member for Tri-County CASA Inc., a nonprofit devoted to advocating for abused and neglected children within the judicial system. When Andrew is finished working and volunteering, he enjoys spending time outdoors. Whether it be hiking, camping, fishing, or simply sitting in a backyard, Andrew enjoys the fresh air and beauty provided by the outdoors.

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