John Rossitto

John Rossitto, CFP®, ChFC
LPL Registered Principal
4008 Rogers Rd, Spring Valley, CA 91977

John Rossitto works with clients in Life Planning.  He first works with his clients to identify the foundational values that are most important to them.  Having laid the foundation, he and his clients work together to design a financial structure that incorporates one’s dreams, goals and personal abilities.  In building this structure, they work through issues of spending, saving, investing and giving.  With state of the art resources, John puts on the finishing touches, which compliment his clients’ financial structure.  He assists in putting in place appropriate risk management tools as well as design investment portfolios that strive to meet the needs of the clients he serves.  John then monitors their progress through the paths of life, reviewing, refurbishing and remodeling their financial structure to meet the changes that life brings.

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