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Hi, I’m Steve Dudash with IHT Wealth Management. Welcome to this week’s Wealthcast. So, been getting this question a lot this week given everything that’s going on. So, wanted to focus on it. And I want to be real clear- we are not going to go to war with North Korea. Okay? But that gives us some opportunities, and I’m going to talk about the opportunities in a second. But let’s just do the front end of this. Because I’m going to be on Fox Business tonight talking about this exact same thing. We’ll put that link on there too, so that way you can watch the video if you want.

But at the end of the day, North Korea knows that if they preemptively strike or provoke too much, the United States, that their current Government-Dynasty that’s been in place for however many decades now, will no longer exist. Alright? This is like your classic example of, they teach this in Business School, third-generation business owners always destroy the business. First-generation is the talent, which is what’s happening in North Korea, and creates the Dynasty, creates the business. And second-generation muddles along, probably succeeds a little bit, muddles. But by the time the third-generation comes along, I think it’s like 97% or something, it’s this huge chunk of businesses go out of business. The talent’s gone, the drive’s gone, whatever. Probably what we’re kind of seeing over there right now.

They are not going to attack us, because if they do it they know their dynasty is done. We’re not going to attack them, no matter how many stupid twitters (tweets) get thrown out there back and forth. We are not going to attack them, because if we attack them, Seoul doesn’t exist anymore. Billions of people probably die, the 11th biggest economy in world’s capital is gone. So, stop it with the nonsense back and forth.

But, because of the uncertainty that’s out there between these two children fighting back and forth, markets are pulling back. And that’s what’s important to our conversation right now. Markets are pulling back, and because the Markets are pulling back because of the uncertainty of, at least the theoretical war that could take place between them, this is one of those buying opportunities. So, you people out there who have been sitting on cash, looking for an opportunity to get in on a dip, a dip that is not market-related, but completely emotionally-based. This is one of those times, so take advantage of it. If you’re sitting in cash, jump in now.

There will probably be a few more of these dips in the next few months, but this is one of those times where you’re going to want to jump in. If you are looking to rotate out of some of your bond positions and get in, this is one of those nice buying opportunities. So, take advantage of it when you get time, jump in. If you have any questions, I’m going to keep this one short, call me. And if you get bored tonight, I think around 5:30pm CST, watch Fox Business, I’ll be on there. So have a nice one, have a nice weekend. Take care.